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Written by Debra Morrall

Colour prediction is a science that is taken extremely seriously. The business of telling designer, retailers and the public what we will be wearing each year drives a market that is worth billions. Executed two years in advance to allow time for colour development and design, the 2018 colours would have been predicted back in 2016. Who knew.

The powers that be seem to have hit the spot this year as the High Street has been flooded with a coterie of delicious shades that we have seen worn by our royals, celebrities and tastemakers of both the female and male variety.

It all starts with a name that will then evoke a shade which will be translated into a look. Here’s our rundown of the current summer colours and who’s wearing what.


Ocean Blue 

Sienna Miller is no stranger to colour and her wardrobe regularly has her at the top of the UK’s ‘best dressed’ list. Ocean Blue is a colour that suits her pale complexion and blonde hair and one that recently made an appearance at the Apollo Theatre.


Stone White 

‘Stone in stone’, nobody rocks this pale shade like actor Emma Stone whose recent appearance in an intricate lace Dolce and Gabbana number at the Spiderman 2 premiere sent pictures all around the world.



This deep red is best favoured by those with a skin tone to carry it off. No English Rose’s here. With classic tailoring and minimal jewellery, the UK’s newest royal, Megan Markle in Givenchy, gets our vote.


Ultra Violet 

Surely one of the most difficult shades to wear, but not if you’re Gilda Ambrosio who effortlessly shows how to execute a look in the most dynamic way – a silk jumpsuit.



There are so many pictures of The Duchess of Cambridge wearing yellow. It’s a favoured shade and one that really suits her. Who can forget the beautiful tea dress worn on one of her earliest overseas trips to Australia.



One of the prettiest dresses seen in this shade was a spotty number worn by Italian tastemaker Chiara Ferragni. A colour that she wears often, the blush sundress with black spots announced her engagement to rap star Frederico Lucia.


Autumn Maple 

Just like the tree itself, long legs and sunkissed hair are the best way to wear Autumn Pale, a glorious flat brick orange, worn by American fashion writer Jess Ann Kirby.



Multi layered with conflicting patterns, a tunic dress by designer Punit Balana,  is worked to perfection by Indian actress Raveena Tandon who shows how to wear one of the most sophisticated shades of green – Sage.



Yes, we know Beyonce could wear a paper bag and look amazing but when it comes to Emerald Green, the colour was made for her. A perfect foil for her golden skin and hair, in emerald green, Beyonce radiates



Most people has something in their wardrobe that is olive green. It’s the cross season colour that goes with anything and suits any skin tone. A utilitarian colour that can be glammed up, as shown here my Amal Clooney, spotted leaving London.



Is it lilac? Is it grey? Nobody can tell but Dusk is one of the most worn shades of the summer so far. Not for the Victoria Beckham, the whispy summer dresses of 2018. Here she shows us how to take Dusk into formal wear with a suit from her own collection.

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